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We welcome anyone to become involved with WEN as long as their objective is to offer support and share experiences. If you reach out to others, they will reach out to you, so besides posting about your own situation, post on other blogs and connect with each other using the private messaging system. Even if all you can muster is “hang in there” it will make the difference to that person. Please note: Women’s Equality Network has not checked the qualifications, experience, or professional insurance of anyone posting on WEN and cannot be held responsible for any advice given on the site. If you have an employment dispute and need professional advice, please contact your union, the Citizen's Advice Bureau or a solicitor.

Protect your identity

Unless you are a professional wishing to offer advice to users, we suggest that you set up an anonymous account. Each person who sets up a new blog or discussion does have the option to make it public, so that it can be viewed by visitors who are not registered which is another reason not use your real name. To minimize the risk of being identified, we suggest you consider the following tips:

  • Do use a pseudonym which you don't use anywhere else on the Internet.
  • Don't mention personal details that might identify you, like where you live or work, your first name, age or those of your children.
  • Don't link your account pseudonym name to your Twitter account name
  • Do log out when you've finished.
  • Don't ever post on your blog when at work

WEN online Guidance

Our goal for WEN is for women to find support and understanding from each other, so we ask all users of the site to read our ‘Forum Guidance’ section to appropriate online behaviour.

WEN Moderators

WEN reserves the right to take whatever action necessary to keep this online space a supportive environment for all users. The moderator will edit or delete messages and blogs where they violate our recommended online guidance, contain profanities or cause distress to others. We will try to correct any advice given on the website if we see that it is wrong, but we will not be checking the website all the time. My Account it is very easy to set up an account – just click here to get started.


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