Things to think about

To stay or go

Often, the action you take will depend on whether you want to stay working for your employer or whether you feel that the relationship has broken down so that you cannot remain.

It is important not to make a hasty decision and you need to take into account the fact that you may not get another job easily. Relevant things to think about are:

  • Will your health suffer if you stay in your job;
  • Will it be more stressful without a job;
  • Can you afford to be without a job;
  • Do not rely on getting compensation from your employer. You may do so but there are no guarantees;
  • It is easier to get a new job when you are in a job;
  • If you have a baby, starting a new job is hard and may require longer hours than you want to do;
  • It is very difficult getting part-time work in a new job. It is much easier to negotiate in an existing job.