About us

Leigh Day & Co solicitors are a niche law firm specialising in employment discrimination, human rights and personal injury. In 2010/11, Camilla Palmer, leading employment lawyer at Leigh Day & Co met with Miriam O’Reilly and took on her case against the BBC for age discrimination.

During her case, Miriam O'Reilly found that being able to talk to other women facing similar circumstances plus the support of her family and friends helped to keep her strong and helped her to carry on with her case. Since the success of her case, she has spoken to several women to offer support and advice as they progress through their own cases. Camilla has represented many women who are victims of discrimination throughout her career and believes that there was a need for a network where women can share their experiences and receive some practical and emotional support especially when taking legal action. She often puts women in touch with each other who have been through similar experiences. With great support and encouragement from Miriam, Camilla was inspired to make the network a reality. A variety of passionate and committed individuals have developed the web site with the hope that it will benefit all women faced with discrimination.

Charitable status

The network has been launched through the financial support of Leigh Day & Co solicitors, however, in the long term, the objective is to develop an independent management team of volunteers who will be willing to take the site forward and apply for charitable status or join up with an existing charity.