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If you are facing redundancy or have questions regarding flexible working and pregnancy/maternity leave please check out the FAQ page for useful information.

Crowd of commtersMany women feel isolated when faced with discrimination at work, whether because of gender, pregnancy, age or sexual orientation.  The aim of the Women’s Equality Network (WEN) is to provide an online peer to peer forum where women facing discrimination in the work place can share their experiences and support each other in a secure and confidential manner.

Our web site also contains personal stories by women talking about the discrimination they have faced and the impact on their lives.  Many women do go on to take action against discrimination, so we have provided guidance on ‘what you can do’ from informal meetings to your legal rights.  Your participation on the site is what will make the network of value, so please register and get involved.

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You want to speak to other women who are in a similar situation as you privately? You can send them a private message, click here to find out more..

My story: Danniella

Woman at windowI was working for an estate agents and had just been promoted when I found out I was pregnant.  When I told my manager, the company's director, he said he was "in shock" - no congratulations.  Two days later one of my friends overheard him offering my job to another colleague. Read more...