Sex discrimination

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Sex discrimination in the workplace is still common and can be difficult to cope with.  Being told that you are not good at your job because of your sex is demeaning and can leave women feeling unsure of their abilities, isolated and frightened.  Many women face barriers to promotion at work, are paid unfairly compared to their male colleagues or have to deal with a ‘barrack room’ atmosphere in the office that makes them feel uncomfortable. Many women feel that having children has held them back at work compared to men.

Supporters of WEN include specialist charitable organisations Working Families who can provide you with information and assistance. 


Taking action when you have experienced sex discrimination at work can be very difficult, especially if you think that speaking out will harm your career.  Having the support of family and friends is important, but the support of other women is equally important, and WEN hopes to provide a place where you can come for such support.

My story and your views

Within this section, you will be able to read several personal stories including ‘My Story’ by Beena who experienced harassment, discrimination and constructive dismissal, and a story by Sonya who was demoted and humiliated at work by her new male manager.

WEN is also keen for as many women as possible to participate in our blogs and discussions through ‘Your Views’.  This is the area of the site where you can interact and share experiences.  Creating an account is very simple requiring only a username and an email account, however, we recommend you read our forum guidance before starting.

Legal Insight

Our web site will provide you with basic legal information on maternity and pregnancy discrimination law and provide you with some common scenarios; however, you should always seek professional advice before making any decisions.