My story: Julia

I am a trans woman and have worked for the same company for ten years. Before transitioning to my preferred gender I was well respected by my colleagues and my manager. But when I told them about my intention to transition legally I received extremely negative and hostile treatment.

Returning to work

When I returned to work after surgery, HR were very difficult about my legal change of name. My colleagues insisted on addressing me by a male name even though I asked them not to. HR even told me that I could not dress in gender appropriate clothing because it was against company policy. My manager regularly allocated me demeaning tasks which were below my skill level.

Feeling isolated

I was deeply distressed and felt extremely isolated at work. I considered suing the company but in the end I decided not to, because I did not want to go over details of my transition and bad treatment in the tribunal. Instead I just resigned and moved on. Although I wish I could have brought the company to justice, I think what I did was probably best for me.