Gender reassignment

Anonymous woman_small A 2000 report * found that many transgender workers face discrimination during and after the process of gender reassignment.  Over 50% had changed employers, either because they were forced to by their employer, or because they felt compelled to by intolerable working conditions.  Many reported they were now doing lower paid work.  38% had experienced harassment at the time of transition and 25% for a period after transition.  Nearly a quarter reported verbal abuse and 6% reported physical abuse.   49% felt frequently discriminated against in recruitment.  

Since April 2005 people have been able to apply for legal recognition of their acquired gender and in December 2011 the UK Government launched a transgender equality plan. However, many people undergoing gender reassignment still face unlawful discrimination in the workplace and feel very isolated.  

Our web site offers online peer to peer support through ‘Your Views‘ where you can talk to other people facing gender reassignment discrimination as well as reading personal stories and gaining some legal insight into your rights.

My story and your views

Within this section, you will be able to read several personal stories, including ‘My Story’ by Julia, who talks about her experience of facing discrimination and hostility at work when she moved to her preferred gender.

WEN is also keen for as many people as possible to participate in our blogs and discussions through ‘Your Views’.  This is the area of the site where you can interact and share experiences.  Creating an account is very simple requiring only a username and an email account, however, we recommend you read our forum guidance before starting.

Legal Insight

Our web site will provide you with basic legal information on maternity and pregnancy discrimination law and provide you with some common scenarios; however, you should always seek professional advice before making any decisions.

*Employment Discrimination and Transsexual People, Whittle, 2000