Birmingham Council Workers

Here we are in 2012, will there ever be a time when women don't have to fight for equality? To be dragged all the way to the UK Supreme Court in this day is reprehensible. The only time companies relent is when they have exhausted every possible avenue of Appeal and made every attempt to financially starve women from continuing the fight along the way. Well done for having the courage to see this through!

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Women Judges

A recent report showed that the judiciary is overwhelmingly male, with only 23% being female.

The report, conducted by the Council of Europe, showed that only Azerbaijan and Armenia employ fewer female professional judges than in England and Wales.

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Great to hear Miriam back on radio 4

Lovely to hear Miriam O'Reilly present Pick of the Week on BBC Radio 4 last night. 


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My rock bottom

Hello everyone, I had a pretty low summer - my tribunal is soon. A few weeks ago I felt like the anxiety was going to take over my whole being and thought one night my body and or mind would just give up. In a panic I wrote letters to my children in case anything happened to me - my rock bottom. In a way it was a cathartic experience and feel now that I have strength and courage to carry on. I feel that whatever they have to say at tribunal I am ready. I have had enough of torturing myself and actually its been the isolation that has been the worst of all.

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Case adjourned, job required

Due to summer holidays my case, scheduled for today, has been adjourned to later in the year. Mix of emotions at hearing the news.

In the meantime I have a query about employment. Do future employees look negatively at you for bringing a case to a tribunal? How do you deal with a career gap ( ie unemployment) and the connotations that you are a trouble maker. Any advice on handling this at a job interview would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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Inspirational Miriam O'Reilly

How wonderful to see this site for women; what a brilliant resource and I wish you all much success!
I first heard about the possibility of this site when I talked with Miriam O'Reilly about her experiences at the BBC and she generously gave me an interview for my website. I have reproduced part of that interview here but you can see the full interview here

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discrimination following return to work from maternity leave

I returned to work today following 9months off to be told that the job i was doing no longer exists. A temporary vacancy was created to cover my absence and i have been told this person is now doing a new job. I have looked today and it appears the person covering for me has increased the job spec and taken on additional work. The job is programme on attendance management and i have been told that due to the persons previous knowledge in HR she is being used in this capacity. I now feel I have left to have a baby and my career has been hindered.

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Do I settle or .......

....hope for some justice despite the odds? My tribunal is imminent and I have been offered a pittance as a settlement. The issue for me is that those responsible for the harassment and discrimination will get away with their actions regardless. I feel beaten down by them and their lies.....I have almost zero hope of a court seeing through their clever lies and how the parties have colluded to protect themselves. I ask myself what is the point? My claim will not change the inherant sexist culture of the Company I used to work for.

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Vogue Debate

It's great to see the debate continues on about women in the media and age discrimination.</p><p>At the Vogue Festival in London on the 20th April, a panel of celebrities including Pixie Geldof and Anne Robinson lead a discussion on 'Does fashion have an age limit?'

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Women in London

The Fawcett Society hosted a 'What about Women in London' hustings shortly before the London mayoral elections. Ken Livingstone (Labour), Jenny Jones (Green), Brian Paddick (Lib Dem) and Victoria Borwick (Conservative Assembly Candidate) took questions from a 500 strong audience on what their policies would do for women.

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